There’s a lot to explore throughout Nevada Silver Trails, so be ready to cover some ground. It’s approximately 350 miles from Cathedral Gorge State Park near Caliente on the eastern side of the Trails to Yerington, Nevada, on the western edge. And with so many other routes to explore, you’ll be logging a few miles, to be sure.


Here are some common NST distances useful for travelers:





Amargosa Valley to Tonopah: about 125 miles.
Round Mountain to Tonopah: about 70 miles.
Hawthorne to Tonopah: about 100 miles.
Caliente to Tonopah: about 200 miles.
Amargosa Valley to Round Mountain: about 190 miles.
Amargosa Valley to Caliente: about 225 miles.
Round Mountain to Caliente: about 250 miles.
Round Mountain to Hawthorne: about 175 miles.
Amargosa Valley to Hawthorne: about 225 miles.
Pahrump to Beatty: about 70 miles.
Reno to Beatty: about 332 miles.
Furnace Creek to Beatty: about 45 miles

Coming from out of town?
Here are approximate distances from major cities to nearby Nevada Silver Trails entry points:

Los Angeles to Amargosa Valley: about 285 miles.
San Francisco to Hawthorne: about 350 miles.
Salt Lake City to Caliente: about 250 miles.
Phoenix to Amargosa Valley: about 380 miles.
Oregon/Idaho-Nevada border to Round Mountain: about 275 miles.