Like all ghost towns, Delamar has an intriguing past. Getting there is reserved for the most dedicated adventurers. The turnoff is located on U.S. 93, about 18 miles south/west of Caliente, and the gravel road to this former mining boomtown is about 12.5 miles long.
The trip’s well worth it – but be sure to take a truck instead of your average passenger car. Half the town was engulfed by fire in 1900, but partially standing rock buildings, mill ruins and an historic cemetery still stand, artifacts of what was once a town where miners pulled a collective $85 million in gold from local deposits.

Delamar was known as “The Maker of Widows” because the high content of silica dust in the surrounding mines cost many workers their lives. At one time, it supported a post office, several businesses and more than 3,000 residents. Today, all that remains is a shadow of the former townsite – and plenty of rich history.




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