What does that mean? Pahrump: Your Adventure Hub?? Well, quite simply it means that just like the hub in the middle of a wheel you can venture out from the town of Pahrump in a whole lotta different directions. It’s the best place with the most conveniences to get to Nevada’s wild backcountry. You can be in the great wide open spaces in less than a half hour. Forget Vegas – by the time you get up, get breakfast and fight traffic out of town, the day’s already half gone! So here are your Pahrump rules for adventure and a great day loop trip that doesn’t backtrack!

Rule 1: Get to Pahrump the day before. Get all your supplies, bottled water, snacks, cooler filled with ice – to be prepared for your day adventure the next day. There’s plenty of places to get supplies like Walmart and grocery stores and for maps and directions see the Desert Mercantile store or the Pahrump Chamber of Commerce.

Rule 2: Stay at one of the RV Parks or Casino Hotels in town. You can get a good dinner the night before – and a great rest.

Rule 3: Up early! Get an early start to your Adventure Day! Whatever you do, be on the road by 7am – so that may mean up by 5:30 to get a good early breakfast. If a big breakfast isn’t important – get breakfasty snacks the night before – get up an hour later at 6:30 and hit the road by 7!

Rule 4: First stop: Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge. Head out of town (away from Vegas) on 160 and find the sign to Death Valley National Park. Take that road (Belle Vista) and head out of Pahrump. In 10-15 minutes civilization is far behind. Take the road that says “to Ash Meadows”, turn right and you’re on your way to discover one of the desert’s true oases.

Rule 5: When you’ve finished exploring Ash Meadows (a couple hours max) head on out to either Route 373 or Highway 127. There you’ll discover Death Valley Junction. This is the home of famed dancer and artist Marta Beckett. Be sure to stop in, visit the gift store. You may be able to see the opera house which Marta painted with an Elizabethan audience. If you’re in the mood for a snack the café has excellent food.

Caves where the prospectors lived in Shoshone.

(Photo by Jim Nieto)

Rule 6: Head on south from the Junction on Highway 127. Keep a lookout on either side of the road and you may spot the old railroad bed from the Tonopah and Tidewater Railroad which ran here from 1907-1940.

Rule 7: Arrive in Shoshone. You should be here in time to see the museum. There are plenty of books and videos which tell the story of the people who lived here. Be sure to check out the caves where the prospectors used to live. You can also visit the folks at the Amargosa Conservancy and discover more about the unusual natural world around you. There’s also a great little cafe called Cafe C’Est Si Bon or of course there’s the Crowbar.

Rule 8: From Shoshone you can head back to Pahrump over the Charles Brown highway just south of town.

Just one great journey from Pahrump as Your Adventure Hub! Look for more coming soon!