Once again Pahrump is your adventure Hub for yet another loop trip! On this one your destination is one of Nevada’s most well known ghost towns: Rhyolite!

The most famous ruin in Rhyolite: The Cook Bank Building, 1908

Once again find a great place to stay in Pahrump. You’ve got plenty of choices whether you’re in your own RV, Camping or need a nice room at a reasonable rate! So pick a place the night before your trip, buy all your supplies at the local stores, including snacks and water; and then it’s time for your adventure! Check out Google Maps for the route: Pahrump – Beatty – Death Valley Junction – Pahrump!


Rule1: Up early! On the road by 7am! You’re heading north on Route 160 out of Pahrump. In about 27 miles you get to US 95 where you’ll head north. By the way, when you get to the end of 160 and meet 95, all of that empty desert in front of you is military land: Nellis Air Force Base, Mercury and the Nevada Test Site.

Rule 2: Head on up Highway 95. Download our CD “Road Thrills” and get a narrated tour of the route.

Rule 3: Your first stop is Beatty! Just another 45 miles up the road from the 95 intersection. Check out the little restaurant row on the North Side of Main Street. The Death Valley Nut and Candy is fun and for great history check out the Beatty Museum! Just imagine there were railroads and belching steam locomotives here only 70 years ago!

Rule 4: Head on out of Beatty to Rhyolite, just 7 miles out of town. And be prepared to step back in time and…..to see a quirky little museum called the Goldwell Open Air Museum. Take a couple of hours to explore and touch the past. Imagine 10,000 people here in 1907 and 1908. But by 1910 there were only 600 souls left! What happened? That’s an entire story you have to find out when  you get there.

Rule 5: From Rhyolite you’ll come back through Beatty. Gas up and get any supplies you need. When you head out of Beatty you have an option. You can go out and check out Big Dune! If you’re an ATVer and you brought your gear – head on out! If not you can check out the dunes and then head on down US 95. 

Rule 6: You’ll turn off on Nevada 373 South. If you see a small sign to Fairbanks Spring you can go down and check it out – great for birding – or keep on going. Soon you’ll see the last Casino before you enter California: Longstreet Inn and Casino – Just look for the big cow!! A great stop for fun and maybe even dinner.

The Amargosa Opera House – Is it Haunted? See “The Ghosts of Death Valley Junction”!

Rule 7: Head on into Death Valley Junction and check it out. Here Marta Becket has been dancing for nearly 50 years. She’s still performing a sit-down show now but her work is evident everywhere in this old borax lmilling town.

Rule 8: Head back East on the Ash Meadows/State Line Road straight into Pahrump.

You’ll have covered a little over 250 miles but it will be a full day of adventure and fun! And if you want to make it a two day trip, Beatty has places to stay and there’s always Longstreet or Death Valley Junction for a nice stopover!