Silver Peak/Weepah

It’s one of Nevada’s oldest mining towns, and one of its few “living” ghost towns. Discovered in 1863, Silver Peak rode the peaks and valleys of the gold and silver rushes of the late 19th and early 20th-centuries, until the town went bust in 1917.

Silver Peak rebounded when rich deposits of lithium were discovered in a nearby dry lake bed. Today, this little town is the nation’s major supplier of this metal.

Weepah is a ghost town that was born during what was arguably America’s last gold rush. When gold was discovered here in 1927, a small mining community sprang up. Given the era, however, instead of burros and horses, people came in via automobile. Many of these miners used their cars as their homes.

The community lasted from April to November in a single year – but left its mark on Nevada history forever.