History lives at the most famous ghost town in the West. Rhyolite is just four miles west of Beatty, and it’s where you’ll hike around a 1904 boomtown that went bust.

Check out the famous Bottle House, built from 50,000 beer and liquor bottles by an enterprising (and very thirsty) miner. See the ruins of the three-story bank and hike among what’s left of the old jail and schoolhouse. The original train depot still stands, along with an authentic railroad caboose. You can also get up close and personal with artifacts at the Goldwell Open Air Museum, which is full of outdoor sculptures and open year-round to the public.

At its height, Rhyolite was home to a stock exchange, a red light district, hotels, stores, a hospital and an ice cream parlor. The town was abruptly abandoned in 1919, but you’ve still got the chance to glimpse the ghosts of its lively, wild past.