Manhattan’s closer than you think. From Tonopah, take Highway 6 east, then turn north on State Route 376. Drive about 60 miles, then hang a right on State Route 377. Another dozen miles will put you right on Main Street.

In Manhattan, you can sample the life of the old-time prospectors who founded the town in 1850.

Depending on the season, you can pan for gold, just like the old-timers did. There’s also hiking, sightseeing, ATV riding, camping and fishing. RV parks and a modern hotel make it easy to enjoy modern conveniences while you’re re-living the good old days.

Be sure to see the town church, which was moved (by wagon) from its original location in Belmont. You can also sidle up to the bar at the Manhattan Bar, which has been serving prospectors and tourists alike for more than 100 years.

Originally called Pine Tree Camp, the town is legendary for a local troublemaker who had been handcuffed to a tall pine in the middle of town (as was common practice then) who returned after his release and chopped the tree down. Subsequently, a jail was built in 1906 – followed by a hospital in 1908.

Belmont is what’s called a “semi-ghost town.” A few residents remain, but the town is populated mostly by historical buildings. Founded in 1865, Belmont’s original brick courthouse still stands – now a State Historical Monument and part of the Nevada State Park system. The historic cemetery is pretty much the same way you would’ve found it had you ridden into town 100 years ago. Today, modern amenities include a bed and breakfast, a saloon and Pine Creek Campground, located some 20 miles to the north.