That was the shout of discoverer Aaron Winters to his new wife, Rosie! In 1881 Aaron and Rosie were living in Nevada’s Ash Meadows in a little mud hut that was described as “carved out of the mud hillside.”  One day a prospector told them about all the borax discovered in central and northern Nevada and told Aaron how to test for borax. A solution mixed with borax would burn green if lit. Aaron suspected there might be borax in Death Valley. So Aaron and Rosie went camping at Furnace Creek (you can do that today too).  Well, Aaron scooped up some white, salty stuff, followed the directions and guess what? Yep, it burned green and Aaron shouted, “She burns green Rosie, by God we’re rich!” For the entire story see The Twenty Mule Team Trail – Part 3!

The restored cabin at Ash Meadows where Aaron and Rosie probably lived in 1881.

For the entire story click here for The Twenty Mule Team Trail – Part 3