Ready to Launch

You’ve got to be ready for this adventure! Helmet, Quad, Dune Buggy, whatever – because you’re bound for a landscape that looks completely foreign! In fact it looks an awful lot like the moon.  Check it out:

This is the landscape around Dumont Dunes just south of Death Valley. What a spectacular and foreign landscape to explore! And it’s all yours to roam around in. Why is it called Dumont? Well from 1906-1942 the Tonopah and Tidewater train came right through these dunes! You can still follow the old railroad bed today. And one of the executives of the Pacific Coast Borax Company – who owned the railroad – was named Dumont! So there ya have it. So soar over those dunes, check out the landscape and when you’re done for the day head on over to Pahrump! It’s the only town nearby that has everything you need – including dinner and wine at the end of the day at the Pahrump Valley Winery! What a day – from the Moon dunes to dinner in luxury! That’s what I call a great day in the desert!

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And for information on Dumont Dunes – Click here!!