April 28, 2018 all-day
Lincoln County Fair Grounds
NV 89042
Dave “Korn Dawg” Martin
702) 236-6482

This 95 mile event starts at the Lincoln County Rodeo Grounds in Panaca, NV and ends at the Rose Park in Caliente, NV with a fueling area on the Beaver Dam Road.  The event would occur within the Bennett Spring, Caliente, Peck, Little Mountain, Clover Creek, Oak Wells, Buckboard, Sheep Springs, Rabbit Springs, White Hills, Roadside, Condor Canyon, Panaca Cattle, and Black Hills Allotments.

This event would occur within the Caliente Special Recreation Permit Area established in the Ely
District Office (EYDO) Record of Decision (ROD)/Approved Resource Management Plan (RMP) 2008.

If you have any further questions or would like more information regarding this event, please contact Blake Baker, Outdoor Recreation Planner at 775-726-8123 or at dbaker@blm.gov.
Find more info at https://racemran.com/